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Your hotel carpet 

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Carpet printing in object 

400 dpi printing means for you:

Perfect color gradients and even

Gold tones can be simulated

Printing from 2 m² means for you:

You can choose a new theme for each room

Time-saving installation

Object certifications

Use class 33

Certified according to EN1307

Frisé, tufted up to 2300g/m²

Luxury class 3 and service class 33

Light fastness according to ISO 105-B02 >5

Entrance area in the foyer

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Hotel carpet

Especially in international airports we have satisfied loyal customers:
What speaks for a printed carpet in the waiting area or check-in ?

  1. Aspect of the wayfinding system - what is printed on the floor guides customers safely to their destination.
  2. The fact that wheeled suitcases glide better over the smooth surfaces is secondary. The passenger should feel at home while waiting - the sound of footsteps and suitcases are muffled, the cold, clinical-looking floor covered with a soft surface. When guests feel as if they are in their own living room in the airport, they become more relaxed. And this is crucial for the well-being of travelers who are just leaving security check and heading for duty-free. This creates a relaxed shopping atmosphere.

Printed carpets open up completely new possibilities for the contract sector.
Architects have previously only been able to select a specific pattern from a ready-made range, which only arrives at the customer's premises 6 - 8 weeks later.

With the products from PhotoFabrics you can now go unique ways.
Bring in your own ideas and designs and have them printed on carpet.
The possibilities here are endless. Motifs, logos, images - it's all possible with one of the most advanced printing processes available today.

With a production time of about 10 business days, your projects will always be realized in a timely manner.
There is no need to create lab samples. You send us your PDF and it can be printed directly.

The carpets are delivered with an exact fit, so that the installer can install them effectively and save time on site.
Our PF1000 and PF1200 materials are particularly suitable for the hotel and catering industry.

The roll goods from PhotoFabrics are a very special relief for assemblers. The web width is 2 meters, so handling is very easy and can be carried by one person.

Large motifs are already delivered with an exact fit. This eliminates the need for on-site cutting, saving you a lot of time and money.

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