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New from December 2023

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For shopfitting, hotel lobbies

Printing on recycled woven carpets

Upcycling rugs with your motif


Sustainable woven carpets

Your motif / print on woven carpet  

For shopfitting, hotel lobbies - plan your interior with your colors and your motifs. Digitally print your individual motif on thick, warm and sustainable woven carpets using recycled fibers - let winter come!

Our sustainable woven rugs are made from recycled materials. These are processed into high-quality yarns and woven carpets
and printed in an environmentally friendly way.

How? We make sure that as little water, energy and chemicals as possible are used during production. We do not use any
harmful dyes so as not to leave any harmful residues. So you can be sure that you are buying a rug that is good for
you and the environment. Our sustainable woven rugs are not only ecological.

Lies well? You don't necessarily need an anti-slip mat due to the high dead weight.

So if you are looking for a carpet that gives your business area more warmth and character, and is also environmentally friendly and ecological,
then send us your print data and you will receive a quote.

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