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Your theater and stage carpet

Impact sound insulation up to 25 dB

Fire protection certified according to Bfl-S1

Change your backdrop in 5 minutes

Simply roll out - ready!

Zurich - Hamburg - Stuttgart

Since 2003 opera houses order fabrics, backdrops and carpets

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Top quality thanks to Europe-wide technological lead

400 dpi, 8 days delivery time, quantities from 2 m²

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Change your backdrop in 5 minutes

Simply roll out, ready!


Theater and stage carpets

The stage design is one of the most important components of a performance. It conveys the mood, frames the scene and tells the story through details. It can even drive the plot forward.

So why should you do without a floor covering that exudes professionalism and can be made entirely according to individual wishes and in any shape?

With our carpet PF400, PF600 or our PVC floor, you have the opportunity to make every scene special. This way you create something that people will remember for a long time.

At the same time, the installation is very simple and our materials are all sound-absorbing. On request, we can even offer you high pile carpets, which have increased impact sound insulation.

The individual contour cuts give you more freedom in your design than ever before. Besides the usual circles and squares, we can also cut any other shape.

The matte surface of the carpets, as well as vinyl flooring, is perfectly suited for elaborate light shows and therefore very popular with lighting designers.

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