Teppiche bedruckt mit Ihrem Motiv

Printed carpets for store fitting

Fulfill the wishes of your customers

Create a competitive advantage

Top quality thanks to Europe-wide technological lead

400 dpi, 8 days delivery time, quantities from 2 m²

Printable directly from PDF

2000 pieces per day - we are production company

We supply branded companies and chain stores

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Printing on vinyl floor and backfloor!

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Shopfitters and decorators are constantly looking for new ideas and possibilities. Whether in retail spaces, storefronts or entryways. With custom printed carpets from PhotoFabrics, the sky's the limit. Bring your theme completely to the floor and impress your customers.

With a print resolution of 400 dpi, even images can be photorealistically reproduced on carpet.

Whether for short promotions(PF400/600), seasonal use(PF600AB) or for permanent installation(PF1000/1200).

The roll goods from PhotoFabrics are a very special relief for assemblers. The web width is 2 meters, so handling is very easy and can be carried by one person.

We have the right quality for everything. Ask us - challenge us.

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