Teppiche bedruckt mit Ihrem Motiv

50 x 50 cm tiles

Water law ISO 105-E01

Lightfast ISO 105-B02

Full surface motif with tiles

Impact sound improvement 29 dB

Luxury class 3

Unlimited number of colors

Custom printable

Dimensionally stable EN 986 max 0.2%

Choose from 3 qualities

Tufted 1/10" loop or frisée

Tiles are punched


Carpet tiles with print

Tiles : Millimeter accurate cuts by special punching in the size 50 X 50.

Why tiles : because currently back in vogue, individual motifs can be changed.
Shop and exhibition builders swear by this quality.

Another advantage is that it allows you to be variable, especially in trade fair construction. Here run the stand sizes change. With the carpet tiles you can lay out the desired size.

Cuts accurate to the millimeter due to special punching in the size 50 X 50.

The tiles are supplied numbered on the back so that on the day of installation everything can be laid easily and in a time-saving manner.

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