Teppiche bedruckt mit Ihrem Motiv

Printed yoga mats on foam materials,

Isomats, Regupol:

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Printed yoga mats

Fitness and YOGA mats with your own motif


Personalized gymnastic mats

completely printable also with special color

Durable and robust printing for your sports mat

For gyms, gymnasiums and health centers

Customized fitness mats

Printing on various foam materials

Your motif on a sleeping mat

Your design on isomat

You wish, we print.

Virtually unlimited

Design options.

You have special materials?

We print up to 4 cm height

We also print Regupol mats

Brand your sports mats

Fitness or sleeping mat

BPA free

always lie flat resistant, easy to clean


You are the owner of a yoga studio and want to have all (printed yoga mats, gym mats and fitness mats?) Have your mats branded? With your LOGO?

With your logo & design?!

Then MyYogaMat is exactly what you need! Our personalized yoga mats, gym mats and fitness m ats are perfect for your customers' yoga workouts. Whether as studio equipment or for sale, with MyYogaMat you can inspire your customers!

Our printed yoga mats, gym mats and fitness m ats are available in black or white and can be imprinted with your logo or desired design. The base mats are solid colored and are made of abrasion resistant vinyl foam with a PES glass yarn fabric top. Our mats meet the REACH standard for Europe and are of course BPA-free.

Thanks to the anti-slip embossing, our printed yoga mats, gym mats and fitness mats provides a secure footing and good insulation against cold floors. It is extremely tear-resistant, sturdy and dimensionally stable. It is also durable and easy to clean. The mat lies flat on the floor thanks to its own weight.

Our printed yoga mats, gymnastic mats and fitness mats are produced in Europe and the printing is done in Ludwigsburg.

At MyYogaMat you can have virtually unlimited custom mats printed.

Trust the quality of our products and surprise your yogis with personalized printed yoga mats, gym mats and fitness m ats from MyYogaMat. We have mats that have been in use for 4 years and the prints are still flawless.

You wish we print - virtually unlimited design possibilities

Info, properties

Individual shapes, formats and personalization options thanks to the latest printing technology and CNC cutting technology.

Also round corners, circular mats , cut ornaments - all possible with us.

Questions and answers

Can the entire front of the yoga mats be printed?

You are almost completely free in the design of the yoga mats. A printable file of the desired motif is created and then printed on the mat. This can be a motif, lettering or a company logo.

Is it possible to have a lettering printed on the gymnastics mat?

If you would like to have a letteringprinted in addition to a motif or alone on the new yoga mats, gymnastic mats or fitness mats , this is also usually no problem.

Can the yoga mats be printed on both sides?

Basically, single-sided and double-sided printing is possible.

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Printed Yoga Mats, Gym Mats & Fitness Mats
Printed Yoga Mats, Gym Mats & Fitness Mats

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