Teppiche bedruckt mit Ihrem Motiv

Your print as floor advertising

Increasing sales

Sales Promoting & Emotional

Top quality thanks to Europe-wide technological lead

400 dpi, 8 days delivery time, quantities from 2 m²

Printable directly from PDF

Approval in the public sector

Fire protection certified for your safety

Anti-slip according to EN14041

Use your floors as advertising space

Increase your sales

Your customers love it!


Ground advertising

Try something new: Put your advertising on the floor! The natural human gaze is inclined to the floor. Thus, you are guaranteed to attract attention. So why not use this presentation surface for yourself?

Benefit from our floor-certified materials: slip-resistant - lightfast - waterproof - photo-realistic!

Thanks to our detail-oriented printing, even products can be represented 1:1. Quality at the highest level. This gives visual merchandising a whole new look.

Design unique pieces and bring your merchandise to the forefront.

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