Teppiche bedruckt mit Ihrem Motiv

Carpets custom printed

Increase your sales 

Your customers love it! 

Your product at the point of sale

Increasing sales

Sales Promoting & Emotional

Approval in the public sector

Fire protection certified for your safety

Anti-slip according to EN14041

Present your product 

With your company colors. Technical information. 

    According to your CI  

Arouse emotions 

Inspire customers  

Increase sales 

Product Placement 

POS carpet 

Perfectly staged 

Colors were matched to the existing walls on request

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Due to the 400 dpi print resolution get the highest resolution, even on carpet


POS - Point of Sale

The point of sale is still one of the most important areas in terms of customer contact. This is where products are sold directly to the customer through proper marketing. Present your messages where the customer immediately looks - on the floor.

With a creative POS carpet from Photofabrics, you can create a perfectly staged store-design at little cost: exude a unique atmosphere. A visually staged floor presentation promotes sales, sales promotion and storedesign.  

According to Wikipedia, the point of sale is the name for the place where the sale is completed. 

With unprecedented print quality on carpet, even the most difficult motifs can be impressively displayed. Benefit from our different qualities.

The roll goods from PhotoFabrics are a very special relief for assemblers. The web width is 2 meters, so handling is very easy and can be carried by one person.

Large motifs are already delivered with an exact fit. This eliminates the need for on-site cutting, saving you a lot of time and money.

For short-term use (up to several weeks): PF400, PF600
For permanent use: PF 1000 Frisee, PF 1200 Frisee

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